krishna Pashmina Udhyog

Krishna Pashmina Udhyog

About Pashmina

Pashmina is the purest form of cashmere. Pashmina is wool that grows on the underside of the mountain goats, derived from the word Chyangra, the inhabitant of the great Himalayan Mountain range and the sub-Siberian latitudes of North-Eastern Asia. 

Each Pashmina shawl constitutes the finest quality fiber chosen from the most well bred goats in the Himalayas. Cashmere products are gloriously hand woven in traditional looms and by sensitive hands of craftsmen.

Pashmina is  very soft and special wool fibres of the Himalayan mountain goats (called Chyangra). Cashmere can be made up of the inner part of hair from even other mountain animals also. But the softest Pashmina fiber can be made from the wool of the neck of the Himalayan mountain goats (called Chyangra).

Originally, the goats are habituated in remote areas of the Himalayas of Nepal, Mongolia and Tibet over the altitude of 20,000 ft. Pashmina wool can be collected from Mustang, Dolpa, Humla, Jumla and other parts of Nepal-China Border. It is 7-8 times thinner than the human hair. 

Pashmina is the finest, softest and lightest wool fibre. Various types of pashmina products have been in use since the centuries ago. Pashmina products which is considered as jewelry had been in use even in the families of emperors like Mugal. Gradually, the users of pashmina products have been increasing rapidly. 

As the time passed, the quality and varieties of pashmina products have been improving and increasing rapidly. At present, shawls, Ponchos, trousers, blankets, scarves, blouses, sweaters, shoes, socks and other many more products variety are in use widely all over the world. Pashmina is woven by skilled hand with traditional looms sensitively.